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Video Graphics Bonanza V2 Reviews and Bonuses

Video Graphics Bonanza V2 Review and Bonus by Max R – Best New HD Live Footage Videos, 20 Modules of Premium Graphics Assets Plus a Fully Featured Video Editor For Less Than The Price Of ONE Video

Video Graphics Bonanza V2

Video Graphics Bonanza V2 is best product. I spent hundreds of hours on article sites and forums, scouring for tips and tricks, and eventually I started to understand the whole picture. With this understanding, came the realisation that if I was to succeed, I needed to uncover a product like Video Graphics Bonanza V2

With 21 different Modules, there’s something for everyone here. Just one piece of content from this package can save you either a hundred bucks on designer fees, or hours of time trying to do it yourself. So without writing any more sales copy trying to convince you why this is a good deal, let me SHOW YOU exactly what you get. And YOU be the judge if this is worth your money or not. Honestly I don’t know how long I’ll keep this crazy low price. I might change my mind any day and add another zero to it. So grab it right now at this price while you still can.

The sales video at the top of this page was created using this free video editing software + all the assets in this bundle. So if you liked the sales video, you’ll be able to create something similar! I will show you where to download this free video editor AND I will give you presets, templates and video tutorials to make it super easy to edit everything.

Video Graphics Bonanza V2 Review and Bonus by Max R – Best New HD Live Footage Videos, 20 Modules of Premium Graphics Assets Plus a Fully Featured Video Editor For Less Than The Price Of ONE Video will give you a lot of benefit.

Download Video Graphics Bonanza V2 here :

Video Graphics Bonanza V2 Review and Bonus by Max R – Best New HD Live Footage Videos, 20 Modules of Premium Graphics Assets Plus a Fully Featured Video Editor For Less Than The Price Of ONE Video Video Graphics Bonanza V2 Review

Video Graphics Bonanza V2 review

Video Graphics Bonanza V2

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Video Graphics Bonanza V2 OTO / Upsell :

  • Main FE : Big bundle of video and graphics assets.
  • OTO 1 : Double the amount of video graphics assets + Developer License to everything.
  • OTO 2 : Done-for-You videos and video templates.
  • OTO 3 : Video Maker Toolkit V4 + Developer License

Video Graphics Bonanza V2 Features :

  • Unlimited video and audio tracks
  • Trim, ripple, roll, slip, slice and slide editing tools
  • Powerful green screen footage editing
  • Create multiple composite shot timelines
  • Transform and animate layers
  • Over 140 visual effects
  • 16 color correction and grading tools
  • 16 distortion and warp effects
  • Works on both Mac & PC
  • And much more…

What can you do with this video editor and my graphics assets?

1 Click Green Screen Removal
Add yourself or any green screen spokesperson video over live footage videos or animated backgrounds…with 1 click.

Make Your Logos & Text POP
Add Slash FX over your logos, text or even live footage videos to make them truly stand out.

Add Stylish Stop Motion To Your Videos
Stop motion effects are very popular right now, and with these animations you can give your videos a stop motion makeover.

Add Explainer & 3D Objects
You’ll get dozens of high quality hand crafted explainer style & 3D animated objects to add to your videos.

Wow People with 3D Animations
You don’t need to know complicated 3D software. Just add my pre-made 3D animations to your videos and wow your audience!

Combine, Mix & Match
Create truly unique scenes by combining multiple assets into one video. In this sample we used: Living Room Background, 3D Icon, Animated Shapes, and Animated Text.

Create Unlimited Combinations of Scenes!

It’s Super Easy To Use:

Because all of these “assets” have already been drawn, animated and rendered, the hardest part has already been handled for you. All you have to do is…

Step 1:
Open The Provided Video Editor & open a video you want to edit

Step 2:
Click & Drag Graphics Asset…into your video

Step 3:
Your Video Looks Awesome (add as many assets or effects as you want)

Why It’s a Great Deal:

100% Original & Brand New
Everything you see on this page was custom created specifically for this package, and is not available anywhere else.

Top Quality
All the content was created by top 3D Animators & video assets creators. So everything is of the highest quality!

BIG Savings
You’re getting 21 graphics modules for the price of 1. Use just 1 module and this bundle will pay for itself.

Video Graphics Bonanza V2 Modules :

  • Module #1: HD Video Footage

These videos are not from public domain sites. I shot these videos myself with my camera and a tripod, while traveling in SE Asia and Europe. Plus I edited them myself and crunched them down with HandBrake to reduce size while keeping the quality. To hire someone to shoot 100 videos and edit them for you could easily cost in the $1,000s. And to buy each video from stock photo sites could easily cost $25 – $100’s for just 1 video. With this bundle you get over 100 videos. Which has a realistic value in the $100’s or $1,000’s.

NOTE: The video above have small sample clips. The actual videos in this bundle are 30 seconds to 1 minute each.

  • Module #2: Animated Virtual Studio
  • Module #3: Stop Motion Paper Tears
  • Module #4: Animated 3D Film Objects
  • Module #5: 3D Social Media Icons
  • Module #6: Animated Living Room
  • Module #7: Commerce Explainer Objects
  • Module #8: Flythrough Phone Reveal
  • Module #9: “Sale” Paper Tears
  • Module #10: “Safe Opening” 3D Animation
  • Module #11: Animated Shapes Elements
  • Module #12: “Lock / Unlock” 3D Animation
  • Module #13: Camera Flashes
  • Module #14: 3D Money Animations
  • Module #15: Animated Brush Strokes
  • Module #16: Flash FX “Slashes”
  • Module #17: 3D Graph with Money
  • Module #18: “High Tech” 3D Reveal Animation
  • Module #19: 3D Sale Bag
  • Module #20: Clapperboard Transitions
  • Module #21: Fire Overlay

forget about wasted time end payment high price, Video Graphics Bonanza V2 is one of the most comprehensive research tool I have used. Video Graphics Bonanza V2 is something I’ve been waiting for, I had seen these kinds on many sites before but didn’t now of any tool that could create like Video Graphics Bonanza V2. My advice don’t wait around, jump in! Video Graphics Bonanza V2 will pay for itself as soon as you start using it.

Video Graphics Bonanza V2 Review

Video Graphics Bonanza V2 is the best software on the market right now (as far as I know). Video Graphics Bonanza V2 comes with easy to follow instructions. You don’t need any technical experience to make these improvements. is good news for online bussiness. Video Graphics Bonanza V2

Get Now Video Graphics Bonanza V2 :

download Video Graphics Bonanza V2

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